Team Building Feedback

Excellent. It is exactly what I had been looking for at this particular time. Very informative.

Excellent course. Content very real.

The course was brilliant. It touched everything that was relevant in my work place.

Excellent. Very interactive. As I am embarking on a new post which involves building a team, it was very timely and helpful.

Excellent. The two days were both a learning and enjoyable event.

Very relevant to work requirements, practical and seems to be easily applied to on-going issues in people management.

Excellent. Very relevant to day-to-day work situations.

Pitched perfectly. It exceeded my expectations and prepared me for potential roles as leader in future.

Content comprehensive – issues tailored to group needs. Allowed real scenarios to be explored.

Excellent content. More than I expected.

I didn’t expect to be so well equipped in team building skills, etc. after two days.

I feel it has opened my mind to new ways of dealing with issues.

It made me look at people in my work differently.

Excellent. Rational. Well organised. Better than I expected. Content relevant.

It was most informative for me as a team manager. It was also very helpful and covers many issues I deal with daily.

Content excellent. Covered very important areas affecting work on a daily basis.