About Dr Seán Ruth

Dr Seán Ruth is an Organisational Psychologist who was formerly Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Head of the Dept of Organisational and Social Studies at the National College of Industrial Relations, Dublin, Ireland.

While there, he was instrumental in designing and presenting the first ever programmes in Ireland on women’s studies and men’s studies. He also developed the country’s first programme on the Psychology of Industrial Relations and played a key role in a number of pioneering initiatives in relation to training programmes for long-term unemployed persons

He now has his own training and development business specialising in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity and Liberation

He works with a wide variety of organisations including non-profit organisations, community groups, local government, businesses, semi-state bodies, government departments, health boards, hospitals, trade unions, third-level institutions, community training centres, clergy, religious congregations, and schools.

In recent times, he has led workshops focusing on issues of leadership and liberation, conflict resolution, and eliminating racism.

Among the different social-identity groups he was worked with are Travellers, people with disabilities, women, men, people of colour, elders, Roman Catholics, Protestants, working-class people and middle-class people.

He lectures on the psychology of leadership and conflict resolution in Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, and in Maynooth University. He has completed in-depth research on destructive reactions to leaders and their effects. His book on Leadership & Liberation forms a core text for these programmes and for the BA in Leadership & Community Development at An Cosán, Tallaght