Diversity and Liberation

Understanding Oppression and Liberation
This training programme gives participants a thorough understanding of the dynamics of oppression and liberation. It is particularly suitable for members of caring or helping professions, such as teachers, social workers, religious, NGO’s, etc. It focuses particularly on the role of “allies” and those working with marginalised, disadvantaged or oppressed groups.

This training has been adapted to meet the specific needs of particular social groups, e.g. in relation to disability, class, nationality, age, gender, race, Travellers, etc.

Leadership and Liberation
This training programme looks at leadership as a force for human liberation. It shows how an awareness of the processes of oppression and liberation can provide leaders with a hugely effective model for approaching their role.

Eliminating Racism/Prejudice Reduction/Interculturalism
This programme is suitable for mixed- or single-heritage groups. It combines an understanding of how racism (both overt and subtle) operates, how it gets internalised, and how it can be overcome. It has been given successfully by Seán in Europe, Africa and Asia.