Reviews of Leadership and Liberation

“[This] is a thought-provoking well written read and its main theme as well as the sections on conflict resolution will be of particular interest to IR and HR practitioners.”

Labour Relations Commission Journal, June 2006

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Labour Relations Commission Review

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“This is a splendid book: lively and original in thought, crystal clear in its argument. It’s about leadership in general, of course, but as you read, you constantly see its themes and arguments in the context of school.”

Times Educational Supplement, 29 Sept. 2006


“… much of this book should be compulsory reading for international statesmen, foreign ministers, senior UN officials…. This is an important, idealistic book, which deserves a much wider readership than corporate leaders and HR executives.”

Studies, Autumn 2006.

“‘Leadership and Liberation’ is a very skilful and thorough drawing together of recent research on leadership. … It is informative, entertaining and inspirational. It is a book that I intend returning to again and again and a book I would strongly recommend to any school principal or aspiring leader.”

In Touch (Journal of the Irish National Teachers Organisation), June 2006

In Touch (INTO)
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“This is a groundbreaking text that will provide inspiration for leaders and aspiring leaders alike.”

Religious Life Review, July/August 2006

“Now and again, when you thought you had a good handle on a subject a book arrives that takes a new angle, showing you new and valuable insights into the topic…. A refreshingly original viewpoint on leadership… This is not a lightweight rehash – it is written from an academic frame, though still retains readability for the serious practitioner.”

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“Leadership and liberation -a psychological approach is one of the finest, sensible, humane and practical books I have read in the area of leadership.

“Seán Ruth comes from a psychology background, he brings this into his writing and knowledge of leadership. He uses an extensive amount of relevant research to back his thoughts up. Each chapter ends with a set of questions in which you can reflect on, in whichever area you are in. Leadership, for Seán Ruth, is for everyone. A principal, a teacher, a mother, a politician, a shopkeeper.”

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