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Covid-19, Class and the Climate Emergency

We have a lot to learn from the current crisis around Covid-19. Middle-class people, in particular, need to notice that class and other oppressions have a major impact on how people are affected by this virus. Continue reading

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Commemorating the RIC

The controversy over whether or not there should be a commemoration of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) highlights a confusion around the nature of oppressive systems. Every such system tends to induce members of oppressed groups to act as agents … Continue reading

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Understanding Irish Identity

Who We Are It can be useful to make a distinction between Irish society, on the one hand, and Irish people, on the other hand. Irish society comprises a rich mix of people born on the island of Ireland as well … Continue reading

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I’m Not Racist

The revelation by the actor, Liam Neeson, that he reacted to the rape of his friend by looking for a Black man to attack has generated a lot of publicity. Some of his own comments and the comments of others, … Continue reading

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He’s Only Saying What a Lot of People Think

One of the things we can take some pride in here in Ireland is that we haven’t got pulled into an extreme racist and xenophobic type of politics as has happened in some other countries. Having said that, it was … Continue reading

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Capitalism, Global Warming and Change

Since the early 1970s, capitalism has become increasingly volatile. Little has been learned from the crash of 2008 and we seem to be moving in the direction of another crash before too long. Many mainstream economists believe it is not … Continue reading

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The Political Correctness of Political Correctness!

I saw an advertisement recently for a television programme about political correctness. It reminded me how much I dislike this term. It is a concept used by people of privilege to avoid taking responsibility for their own behaviour. It masquerades … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Donald Trump Insane

Efforts to label Donald Trump as mad or insane are seriously misleading and misguided for two important reasons. Firstly, the use of mental health labels has been a particularly damaging feature of the mental health system. Attaching mental illness terms … Continue reading

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There’s a Better Alternative to Attacking People

Have you noticed how Facebook postings about Donald Trump from both pro- and anti-Trump positions seem to be mirror-images of each other? For example, many of them, on both sides, adopt a tone of triumphalism or superiority.  Or they cite … Continue reading

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