Leadership Development

Leadership is a process of influence. It involves building close working relationships within which we listen intently to others so that we can think clearly about them.

People who understand the key role and functions of a leader are in a position to play a positive and powerful role in any organisation. By having a model of what good leadership is, participants are enabled to think clearly about what makes sense in any situation and take effective steps to deal with what confronts them.

Insight and Skills
This training goes beyond a simple skills approach to give participants a way of thinking about their leadership that enables them to be strategic and to build effective relationships with those around them. Click here for participant feedback

Building Relationships
All effective leadership rests on building solid one-to-one connections and this is central to the model used here.

Developing Other Leaders
The focus is on leadership as an influence relationship that is about bringing people with us rather than forcing them to do what we want. This puts the emphasis on empowering people and developing their own leadership potential.

Human Liberation
By combining this approach with a focus on human liberation we can place leadership in a much wider context (for example, of sexism, racism, classism and so on) and offer a fuller and more sophisticated set of leadership tools.

Key Skills
With the addition of key skills in listening, influencing, conflict resolution and problem solving, participants can be equipped to deal effectively with a wide range of leadership situations.