Leadership Development Feedback

All first rate. It could not be topped really.

So much! Extraordinary.

Knowing my strengths and my weaknesses in terms of leadership. I put it to practical use in my business and it was very effective for me with results in days.

The workshop was very helpful and practical and was very effective in clarifying leadership role in general.

I found this excellent.

A much better understanding of leadership was gained. Before this, my understanding of leadership was mixed with management. I now know what is necessary for leadership to be effective.

The course was extremely well organised. The content was excellent.

I got a deeper insight into myself. I found it extremely challenging.

Content and organisation were excellent. The ability to explain leadership in a way that was easy to understand made it most effective.

Excellent presentation of the leadership theme.

Very interesting and of practical value.

Reviewed my own leadership experiences and learned new ways of approaching leadership roles. He spoke from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I gained a good knowledge of the pros and cons about what’s involved in leadership.

I gained skills needed by a leader and learned about styles of leadership. I found this workshop very valuable.

Thanks very much for everything. I found the course very helpful.

I found it to be absolutely ideal and even more worthwhile than I had expected. Throughout and having completed the course, I felt I was constantly learning, developing and discovering my existing abilities and traits.

I’ve grown in confidence in all aspects of being a leader… seeing situations from other people’s perspectives, seeing the hidden/less well known facets of leadership and a much greater understanding of how leadership works.

A truly great programme, really enjoyed it. I found it personally rewarding. So many issues raised, I feel much more adept to deal with all the things people could throw at me.